TeachBeyond began on the western Canadian prairies in the 1950s when Leo Janz committed himself to bringing the biblical message of hope to post-war Germany. Several members of his extended family joined him to create The Janz Brothers Gospel Association. Key events in our history include:

  • 1951

    The Janz Quartet, comprised of Canadians Cornelius Enns and brothers Leo, Hildor, and Adolf Janz, traveled around post-World War II Germany for three-months holding Gospel crusades at the request of Youth for Christ.

  • 1954

    The Janz Brothers Gospel Association was founded. Leo Janz, Hildor Janz, and their families—along with pianist Harding Braaten—moved permanently to Switzerland to continue doing evangelistic work.


  • 1955

    The first 15-minute Gospel and music programs over Radio Luxembourg were broadcast from Hildor Janz’s family apartment, the Janz “recording studio.” The work spread from two short weekly radio programs to church, music, and educational work in Switzerland and Germany.

  • 1956

    A homeschool was started in Leo Janz’s kitchen in Basel, Switzerland for six of the eight Janz children. Later this became Black Forest Academy (renamed, 1973).


  • 1950s-late 1990s

    Many joined the ever-expanding Janz Team, providing evangelistic crusades, outreach programs, youth work, English Camps, and Bible courses in Europe, North and South America. Janz Team evangelists, the Janz Quartet and other singing groups and soloists traveled widely, made recordings, and were heard on the radio on three continents. Janz Team opened national offices (entities) in France, Belarus, Brazil, UK, and Portugal. Thousands responded to the Gospel-message.

  • 2006

    Given a global trend of declining interest in large crusades, the board of directors and members recast the Janz Team vision to focus on education as a means for spiritual and life transformation. At this time, about 160 people served with Janz Team, primarily working at Black Forest Academy but also with programs in Germany and Brazil, and at English Camps.


  • 2009

    The organization was renamed “TeachBeyond: Transformational Education Services” to reflect the new vision and focus. Dr. George Durance was appointed president. The “Birth of a Vision” Strategic Plan (2010-2014) launched global education initiatives which included starting schools, supplying educators for international schools globally, and running English Camps and seminars.

  • 2011

    TeachBeyond expanded to six owned/operated schools or programs. Nearly 300 members served in 28 countries; there were nine national offices.


  • 2014

    TeachBeyond held its first global conference with 400 in attendance. The Global Centre was established in the UK to serve the whole organization. National offices operated in 12 countries.

  • 2015

    “Vision for Transformation 2020,” the second Strategic Plan (2015-2020), focused on global initiatives for educators, learners, organizations, and communities. Members served in 47 countries.


  • 2017

    With the explosive growth in members serving, locations, and in schools and programs in its network, TeachBeyond worked to expand its infrastructure to support its people and programs.

  • 2018

    David Durance was appointed president, to begin April 2019 when Dr. George Durance steps down from the presidency.


Today TeachBeyond’s primary emphases are on educational initiatives such as schools, English language camps, teacher education, professional seminars, and much more. Currently TeachBeyond owns or operates 16 schools and programs and additionally has sent more than 600 educators to work in more than 30 other educational institutions, serving populations pre-kindergarten through graduate school, in formal and informal settings. TeachBeyond uses the medium of education to engage with the needs of the world—physical, relational, and spiritual.

Our educators use their skills and contexts to bring Christ’s light and hope to children and adults—the same biblical hope and gospel message Leo Janz was sharing in 1954.

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