International Schools

TeachBeyond works with more than 30 international schools (Pre-School – Secondary), serving the children of expatriates and Christian workers, thereby supporting world missions by training the next generation. Among these is our oldest school, Black Forest Academy, in Germany. TeachBeyond partners with more than 30 schools around the world. Some of these are TeachBeyond schools, others are quality schools owned by partnering agencies. Some are committed to introducing Christ to uninformed students from a hostile culture, while others focus on serving the needs of the international Christian workers’ community.

National Schools

TeachBeyond works with national schools and school start-ups that are committed to academic achievement, English language enrichment, and teaching with a vision for transforming lives. Parents across the globe desire a better education for their children, often defined as a commitment to learning English and meeting international standards. TeachBeyond is actively involved in helping start schools that address these expectations. These institutions are in key locations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. At the core of all these initiatives is our holistic philosophy of transformational education.

Informal Education

In environments as diverse as a street corner, a concert hall, or a campsite under the stars, educators proclaim Christ in ways appropriate to the cultural and political situation. TeachBeyond offers professional development and equipping services to individuals, organisations, and institutions. These services include camps and retreats, the “Godly Play,” counselling, marriage enrichment seminars and retreats, leadership development seminars, and continuing education. Some of this equipping takes place in a teacher conference or seminar format in countries where such services are not readily available. In addition, short-term courses on issues of interest to adults from a variety of vocational backgrounds are also offered.

ESL / Language Learning

Short-term teams from churches run summer English camps in Europe, Eurasia, and South America. Teens at the camps receive an introduction to the Bible while learning English and enjoying a cross-cultural experience.

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Universities, Colleges, Bible Colleges

TeachBeyond sends lecturers, ESL instructors, administrators, and professors to post-secondary institutions. We have been involved in providing a variety of adult learning services for many years, supplying lecturers and professors for partner organisations. New opportunities are emerging in the fields of teacher educator, Biblical and theological studies, and the teaching of English in post-secondary institutions. One of TeachBeyond’s newest schools is SchallWerkStadt (SWS), a music college established in Germany for Christian musicians wishing to serve effectively in the music industry and in the church.